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Centralized HRIS and employee data systems versus payroll spread across multiple countries can lead to a complex ecosystem of managing data exchange and aligning processes. This chaos results in 60% of multinational companies being unable to get basic reports out of their systems, and 40% being inadequate to provide valuable insights to their C-level teams. To avoid this chaos, wouldn’t it be great to have a centralised automated system?

If so, then As1 is the solution you’ve been looking for!

As1 is a world-class automated solution that connects all your data sources, HRIS and existing payroll systems or providers allowing you to manage your global payroll as one. Our technology allows for multiple data sources and payroll systems to be simplified in one system, as one, hence the name As1!

But how does As1 unify your global payroll as one?

One Unified Payroll Process

We provide all the steps needed to process every country’s payroll in one place, with the same workflow. This means you never miss a payroll deadline and are kept in the know regarding payroll statuses.

As1 allows you to streamline and accelerate your payroll operations, therefore reducing the time needed to process payroll, delaying cut-of-dates, and increasing the time available between payroll cycles.

One Global Payroll Compensation Tree

It can be a challenge to process payroll globally, but we have the solution!

Instead of each country having a different payroll structure in a different language, we provide a proprietary global compensation tree for unified visibility. This allows for facilitated reviews, increased efficiency, and reduced errors.

One Auditing and Compliance Platform

Our built-in auditing tools provide you with instant feedback on input errors and any variance changes over time. Your data is validated throughout the whole process – from entry to processing!

One Unified Report Generator

Having all of your payroll data in one place gives you a seamless and unified overview of expenditures across the company and makes analytics a simpler process – that’s just a part of the ease As1 can give you!

To make life even easier, As1 operates on a drag-and-drop inputting system, saving you time on data input tasks. It also lets you choose your type of report! Choose from a suite of standard reports or design custom reports that meet your needs.

One GL Posting and Global Calculation Engine for Accruals

Easily report on a range of org codes including, but not limited to;

o  Regions

o  Countries

o  Cost centres

o  Job codes

o  Departments

Get full visibility on the payroll sub-lender and feed your data into any general lender format! As1 allows you to centralise the calculation of accruals to ensure compliance, maintenance, and visibility.

One High-Security Standard

We pride ourselves in our high-security standards and even exceed our client’s rigorous data security requirements – some are even the most stringent in the world! You benefit from a myriad of security features, including dual-factor authentication, encryption-at-rest, and encryption-in-transit!

Learn more about As1 and how it can benefit you.